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When we're not out hunting down the goods, you can find us the 2nd weekend of every month at Scott Antique Market. We are located in the South building, section J9. Scott's Antique Market 3650 Jonesboro Rd. Atlanta, Georgia 30354

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great Weekend

These are a few pictures from the show this weekend. We had a great show, we did really well, we were very pleased. My partner Susan had a fantastic show, "Way To Go Girl".... She has great stuff anyway! We had heard that this was not a good month, but there was a really good turn out, and like I say we did really well.

We want to thank all of our friends who can out to support us, we really do appreciate you guys, THANKS!!! Karen came out with her beautiful daughter "Chloe", she's 5 months old, and she's the best baby, we had a good time playing with her. Karen I still have that french chair you loved so, I will give you a really good deal on. :)

And Wendy and Ashley came out, they had family from out of town with them. And I think those girls did some serious shopping! They had this little puppy with them that was so cute, it had the sweetest face, I wanted to take it home with me...

We have made friends with some of the nicest dealers, they have all been super nice.

Looking Forward to next month's Show!!!

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This is sparky our favorite customer.. He's a 5 month old Jack Russell terrier, he was so cute. Do you remember the big black iron bird cage I had? Well sparky's dad bought that for him for his new home, and he just loved it!! Would you say sparky was a little spoiled?


Fox (Karen) said...

You girls did an amazing job! I was so inspired by your fabulous selection of wares (that oak chest is fabulous, along with the French chair, mantle top...found a cute place for my buggy mailbox). Your booth looked great -- I'm so proud of you both. Chloe and I enjoyed our visit -- she really loved 'laughing with froggy'! Now about that chair. . .we must talk. Oh, where can I put it???

My Vintage Heart said...

Ditto,Ditto,Ditto.....I had a great time this weekend. We gotta get out there huntin' for next month!! More great finds comin'!!!
Couldn't agree more about the dealers....just a great bunch. Love our customers, too!!!

Olga -mescapricesbelges said...

I really love your blog. C'est adorable !
Best regards said...

Love all those pictures. I'm a dealer in an antique mall and I'm thinking about doing some monthly shows we have out here. Do you think they are worth the time? I haven't really talked to any other dealers about shows vs. shops yet. I love that grey and white buffet with the two doors. Very chic!
Lisa at