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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shabby Chic

This is my friend Susan's booth at Vintage Village, in Snellville, Ga. She always has a beautiful booth, she finds some of the neatest stuff. And she has such a nack for displaying them. We have some of the same taste, and when were out shopping together, we have been known to fight over things.. :) Sometimes she wins and sometimes I win, but we still remain friends!


My Vintage Heart said...

Cheryl....Thanks so much for the lovely post!! You're the best and so sweet to post about my booth. You know sometimes I have to "let" you win some of those fights!! (Ha!! Just's so much fun to shop with someone who understands & loves the same flaky, chippy stuff you do!) Thanks, my friend!!

kim said...

Thank you so much for adding yourself as a follower. I use to go to your shop when it was in Norcross. I must to to Lawrenceville and check it out. I hope you leave a comment next time you stop by.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful things you have!! I wish i lived near georgia...Kathy