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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Were getting ready to have a big flea market at the shop at the end of April, so my sister and I were out junking yesterday.. We found some cool things, but we have a lot of work to do to get them ready. The first few pictures I just took around the yard, it was such a beautiful day yesterday and the flowers are just so pretty. I think spring is finally here, thank god!!! :) Here's the web page to the shop

I really liked these, there old car jacks.. My sister said, now what are you going to do with those, and I said... take the tray of a terracotta flower pot and turn it over and sit it on top of the jack and put a fern on top of it, or any pot of flowers, I just thought a fern, since the jack was red the contrast would look good. There are four of them so you could do a great display of flowers.. Any other ideas?

And I loved these old vintage panels we found that are in great condition.. I loved the colors in them, it would be great mixed with some blue and white check, along with some stripes, mix in some yellow. I think it would be beautiful in a bedroom.. The batteries were low in my camera and I really couldn't get great pictures, but theses panel have beautiful birds on them...

The thing to the left is a plate rack with a silver metal bottom, which I thought would love great with some old iron stone dishes in it?

I thought this was really cool, the thing to the right is what you bake bread in. I thought it would be pretty to sit on a breakfast table with either lemons, oranges or apples? Can you think of other uses for it?

I love the silver tray and all the beautiful detailing around it, it has been monogrammed in the center...

We found two of these chairs which I thought would look great painted black and recover them in burlap and stencil the seat. I love the detailing at the top of the chair. Were going to paint that coat rack, white or black?? That's Mabel chasing bees, I don't know what she's going to do when she catches one.. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Markets

I was looking at blogs the other day and I came across this blog,, she had done a post about going to a fair, and the flowers and veggies there were just beautiful. The outside of these markets are jut so appealing, with the big colorful stripped canopy's greeting you, the huge array of the most gorgeous flowers, and if the color doesn't get you, then the sell is sure to. There's something to be said about presentation, and I've always said: "Your windows are your advertising"... If you have a striking window, or an appealing entrance your more enticed to check it out. Here are a few markets that I found....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

To All Those Great Women Blogger's

I'm new to blogging, but let me tell you, I'm amazed at all the smart, creative, talented, funny and beautiful women out there! I can't get over some of these women and their talent's, I mean some will take something from the "trash can" for god's sake, and turn it into something beautiful... Now, that's talent! And the way they share their amazing talents with everyone, show us how they do it, where to find whatever we need to make it ourselves, that I love, thanks! I can go on a tour of the most beautiful homes, and never leave my house. Not to mention, I feel like I live in a dump now after looking a some of your homes.... :) They share some wonderful recipes with me, which I have tried some, and might add there great! I found one the other day, not sure where?? But they were homemade "marshmallow's", never even heard of homemade marshmallow's..... Thought you could only get them at the grocery in a bag! Wow.. Well I'm just here to tell you that I'm very impressed and I've enjoyed each and everyone of your blogs!!!

As the song goes it's a mans world, but it's NOTHING without a "WOMAN"!!! Here's to you ladies..........

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Dreaming In White

I'm really loving all white rooms. I've been going through a lot of these blogs that are all white, and they are so pretty!! I found this one blog, and her home is BEAUTIFUL, it's, she has awesome taste. Check out her blog! It makes me want to get rid of everything in my house and decorate in white. It's just so soothing... There's no way I could do an all white room now, because I have a big chocolate lab that will not allow it. So until I can, I'll just cruise through these beautiful blogs and dream. These are some of the pictures of rooms I like..

You could do some serious sleeping on this porch..

I think I would sleep better if I had this bed..

I love, love, love this room, beautiful!

That rocker and that view with a glass of wine....

Great summer porch..

I love these chairs!!

I thinks this room is great!

I Love this!!

This is an awesome fire place mantel..

Love this table with the french chairs..

Country Living, Country Homes, Colonial Homes, Coastal Living pictures

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Planting Flower Seeds

Now is the time to plant your flower seeds. Make sure you have a good sunny spot, till the dirt up, and add some kind of compost to the dirt, this Georgia red clay needs it bad!! Scatter the seeds and cover good with dirt, water good. Just keep them watered good to start with, after they start to bloom there pretty low maintenance.
The dollar tree has 4 packs of seeds for $1.00, they retail for $1.00 a pack, that's a good deal....

After you have planted the seeds and kept them watered good until they have started to come up, after several weeks look what you'll get. And they continue to bloom all summer long, and you'll have fresh cut flower in your home to enjoy the rest of the summer.