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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Porches

There's just something about a big porch. I have a big screened porch that I live on about 7 months out of the year. It has a big swing on it, and I'll put the ceiling fan on high and lay back in the swing and listen to the birds, (I have feeders right outside the porch), and before you know it I'm sound asleep. I can't get out there right now because it's pollen season, and it's solid yellow. Just so you get an idea of how bad the pollen is, anything over 100 is high, well today the count is SEVEN THOUSAND!!!!! Yep that's right 7000... It's gross! It's should be gone in about another week, I hope. These are some really pretty porches.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful porches...

I'm leaving this afternoon and going to visit my brother, he lives in Tamap, Fl.
He has an Alpaca ranch, and he's got five little babies running around, one was born this week.
Can't wait to see them, oh yeah, and my brother.. :)

Have a great week!


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Beach House Living said...

I'd take anyone of those porches. The baby alpaca is adorable.

Maya said...

Your porch sounds really nice! Mine's a wrap around, not very deep, so not much space for furniture -no swing just comfy chairs.

Pamela said...

I love your blog I'm a new follower!
Great porches I needed some inspiration for the porch I will be decorating.
Love those Alpacas!!!

Oh and I love Boney James...great taste in music!

Creative Style said...

Hi Pamela & Maya,

Thanks for popping in and leaving a message...

Love summertime & porches... I've been really busy and haven't got a chance to post anything lately. But please check back...

Pamela I'm so glad you became a follower, thanks you!


reasonably chubby said...

Cheryl, where are you?? Are you still lost on the alpaca farm? I need some posts from you woman, to stay inspired! :)

Punctuation Mark said...

very nice porches... perfect for spring nights!

Anonymous said...

Totally gorgeous porches!! I cant decide which is my favourite, love them all :0)

Sea Witch said...

Just found your delightful blog via a friend's blog, "a whimsical chick". Love Scotland Yard for your lovely things and great displays. Sea witch